Paul Revell CPA, CMA, BSc.
Why I wanted to represent you ...

The Revell family has had roots in Caledon for many years. For the past 4 years I have been quietly and patiently watching the actions, and sometimes lack of action, at our Town Hall.

I have watched and listened as friends and neighbours across Caledon dealt with delays, confusing information, contradictions and puzzling financial arrangements that our Town Council and staff have engaged in. I have seen major land use change proposals threaten the health, safety and well-being of Caledon residents.

If you ever have a need for advice in the accounting and tax areas please contact me.  ​​

Changes for the better ...

Ward 1 needs a Councillor who will listen to residents and effectively represent them. That means prompt, courteous, respectful and informed responses to requests. Council needs to stop doing deals behind closed doors, allowing infrastructure to fall apart, picking personal fights with some developers while favouring others, and deriding local groups.

If you choose me to represent you I will apply my financial expertise and communication abilities to the service of Ward 1 constituents with positive spillover to ALL of Caledon. It will be on the top of my agenda to shine a bright light on the long list of poorly explained financial dealings undertaken by the current council.
Thank you for your support - We received 30% of the vote!

I was able to represent your views publicly and challenge some of the status quo on your behalf.

I would like to congratulate Doug Beffort on his victory, and also Barb Shaughnessy and Allan Thompson. ​​

I love Caledon and your support has inspired me to continue working to preserve its many positive qualities.

© Paul Revell 2014